WWJD! Kaneh Bosm!

What DID Jesus do?

Despite being otherwise reserved for “high priests” and select kings he used sacred anointing oil composed of Kaneh Bosm to aid the common man. Solomon and Moses made heavy use of the same as confirmed by the biblical cannon itself.

= reed/hemp
Bosm = aromatic
Christ/Kristos/Messiah rooted from ‘anointed’
Kaneh Bosm is Cannabis (Marijuana).
Calamus (mistranslated from the Septuagint) in the quantity referenced in Exodus is TOXIC.

What would Jesus do modern day? Really WWJD?!?

With consideration for the virtues of prudence, justice, temperance, courage, faith, hope and charity he’d not only disregard the criminal prohibition of a God given plant but if he lived in the USA he’d call his elected representatives and push for the Marijuana Revenue and Regulation Act / Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol Act — (S. 420 and HR 420). As an alternative a devout / professed Christian (“anointed one, follower of the anointed one”) can do nothing. That said turning the other cheek was in reference to having been transgressed against, not ignoring transgressions against fellow man.

If you find this is disturbing please see Galatians 4:16.

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