Nays - Allison; Anderson; Ashby; Bell, C.; Bell, K.; Bohac; Bonnen; Buckley; Burns; Burrows; Capriglione; Craddick; Cyrier; Flynn; Frullo; Harless; Harris; Hefner; Holland; Kacal; King, K.; King, P.; Kuempel; Lang; Leman; Metcalf; Middleton; Murr; Noble; Oliverson; Paddie; Paul; Price; Sanford; Shaheen; Shine; Smith; Smithee; Stephenson; Stucky; Swanson; Thompson, E.; VanDeaver

Harm Reduction Explained

Skimming over the products and efforts of via they reference the Guy Felicella’s TEDx WhiteRock Talk. The talk is of his experience with addition. Harm reduction and the benefit of supervised use are covered. The talk points out the biggest issue preventing some from getting help- the social stigma itself.

Cannabis Hyperemesis Syndrome

CHS came up again on the facebag discussions. A F0x "news" report brought it to the spotlight with the sensationalized scare tactics that sustain most of the viewership.   I know one person who was diagnosed with CHS as a condition (smoked at least 10-15 times daily). That said, the condition is declared based…

Texas Legislature Online Bill Alerts

Texas Legislature Online Bill Alerts for Feb 26th, 2019... Keep on moving! 86(R) HB 1013 :( Relating to repealing automatic driver's license suspensions for certain drug offenses. 2/26/2019 H Referred to Homeland Security & Public Safety View all actions 86(R) HB 1187 :) Relating to prescribing low-THC cannabis to certain patients for compassionate use. 2/26/2019…

2019 ATX Indie Web Conference

It was a busy day at the Capital Factory. A small but dedicated group of technical enthusiasts gathered to discuss the IndieWeb movement and associated projects. Links of interest include: General Event Page - Indie Web Chat - WebMention - Deployed now on with details from

Study: The Promotion and Marketing of OxyContin: Commercial Triumph, Public Health Tragedy

The Promotion and Marketing of OxyContin: Commercial Triumph, Public Health Tragedy Am J Public Health. 2009 February; 99(2): 221–227. doi: 10.2105/AJPH.2007.131714 Abstract I focus on issues surrounding the promotion and marketing of controlled drugs and their regulatory oversight. Compared with noncontrolled drugs, controlled drugs, with their potential for abuse and diversion, pose different public health risks…